The 2022 Telos Roadmap

The Telos Roadmap updated for 2022 has just been released by the Telos Foundation! Let’s look at the most important announcements.


The roadmap starts off by going over some recent feature additions to the Telos Network that offer immense opportunity for dApp developers, users, and on-chain governance. Specifically these are:

  • Telos EVM – an Ethereum Virtual Machine, but without the drawbacks of the Ethereum Network
  • dStor – decentralized data storage that’s a step up from IPFS and others
  • Telos Web Wallet 2.0 – easy to navigate interface for users
  • Teloscan Beta – Block explorer with Telos EVM support integrated
  • Telos Knowledge Base & Support – Better guidance on the path to Web 3.0
  • Partnerships – with prominent industry project and exchanges


Construction on Web 3.0 is continuing, with some interesting stuff on the way:

  • Telos Academy – Learn about all things Telos (Can’t wait? see the DutchEOS Youtube Channel for educational videos!)
  • Telos EVM 2.0 – keeping ahead of the curve
  • T-Swaps 3.0 – Cementing the position within DeFi on Telos
  • Telos dApp incentive program – support for projects that will shape the future of blockchain
  • ..and many more!

Check out the full Telos Roadmap here

Want to get started with Telos? Check out our tutorial on getting started with the Telos Blockchain

Telos Foundation released a new Roadmap for 2022



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