Independent, Reliable, Involved, Ethical:
— Your Telos Validator from the Netherlands.



We aim to be a leading example in regards to service architecture, processing performance, network security and availability.
Our Setup


We act with honesty, integrity and apply the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our conduct, including conflict solving.
Our Commitments


We have no shareholders or partners with conflicting interests and we specifically don’t collude with other BPs. Community votes are critical to our mission.
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engagement community collaboration


We engage as many users as possible for the Telos ecosystem by reaching out to users and incentivising them to participate
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We Are DutchTelos

A project by driven professionals with a passion for the Telos ecosystem!

Founded in the Netherlands by EOSIO enthusiasts our mission is to serve the Telos ecosystem by offering reliable infrastructure services efficiently, and with the highest standard of integrity while growing, educating and engaging the Telos Community.

Our team taking up this challenge consists of a balanced group of people sharing the vision for a decentralized future and the groundbreaking potential of Telos. We recognize that the next generation of decentralized applications call for a significantly more potent protocol layer and that Telos answers that call.

We have been actively participating in the EOS and Telos communities since their respective launches, contributing to technical implementation and policy discussions. We were one of the first block producers to register on the EOS mainnet, mere seconds after launch, and with a full service deployment. Subsequently we became a founding member of Telos, and have since shifted our focus fully to Telos.


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