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— Your Block Producer from the Netherlands.
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We aim to be a leading example in regards to service architecture, processing performance, network security and availability.
Our Setup


We act with honesty, integrity and apply the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our conduct, including conflict solving.
Our Commitments


We have no shareholders or partners with conflicting interests and we specifically don’t collude with other BPs. Community votes are critical to our mission.
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We create and promote content and tools that further EOS education and evangelization.
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We Are DutchEOS

A project by driven professionals with a passion for EOS!

Founded in the Netherlands by EOS Enthusiasts our mission is to serve EOS communities and ecosystems by producing blocks reliably, efficiently, and with the highest standard of integrity while being firmly rooted in the community.

Our team taking up this challenge consists of a balanced group of people sharing the vision for a decentralized future and the groundbreaking potential of EOS. We recognize that the next generation of decentralized applications call for a significantly more potent protocol layer and that EOS answers that call.

We have been actively participating in the EOS community since the launch preparations in April, contributing to technical implementation and policy discussions. We were one of the first block producers to register on the mainnet, mere seconds after launch, and with a full service deployment. Since then we have shifted our focus from the technical side to community outreach, compliance and evangelism.



Our team has extensive experience with running nodes and pools both on bare metal and in the cloud. Until the dust settles down, we’re sticking with the cloud for the EOS.IO Mainnet. This allows us to be nimble in applying resources where they are needed. Our initial infrastructure consists of a series of Virtual Machines hosted on the Google Cloud Platform in The Netherlands, our home Jurisdiction. Using GCP will help us to maximize uptime for all of our nodes and storage facilities. If you’d like to find more information on Google’s setup in the Netherlands, please go here. Our services are deployed and managed through Kubernetes.

Currently DutchEOS is an active participant in the junglenet (testnet), usually among the first to upgrade when a new version is ready for deployment and helping out the community of smaller Block Producers. You can find us in Junglenet as dutcheosioxx.

If and when we are established as a reward earning block producer, DutchEOS intends to transition to a bare metal core service, possibly augmented with cloud instances.

DutchEOS News and Updates


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We’re attending the Global BP Summit in Oslo

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Team behind DutchEOS

Our team holds 100% of ownership stakes in the self-funded DutchEOS. Read more >>


Jan Smit


Jan leads DutchEOS’s overall strategy and business planning. He is a physicist by training and started his career as a private equity and strategy consultant. More recently he worked in the Middle East and Asia as a CFO in the finance industry. In 2017 Jan became an advisor of a crypto investment fund in Amsterdam which he joined as Portfolio Manager in 2018. Jan is looking forward to apply his unique skill-set to develop the EOS community in The Netherlands

Joost Voordouw


Convinced blockchain technology will have a huge impact on our lives, Joost worked on several projects in the space. Joost’s career includes roles such as technical consultant, software architect and data scientist.

Arjen Kruithof

Systems Architecture

Arjen is an entrepreneurial software engineer, most often found creating innovative online services with small teams. He’s been active in the blockchain space since the days when Namecoin was still a promising newcomer.

Work Together with DutchEOS 

Whether you want to work for, or with us, DutchEOS is always looking to connect to the community