How to Buy RAM, stake CPU & NET to manage your Telos account resources

Our tutorial series continues! We just released another How-to video for Telos newcomers. Today’s topic: How to manage your account resources in the Anchor wallet desktop app. We are demonstrating how to buy RAM, and stake CPU & NET. If you haven’t made a Telos account, check out this video.

In our video we’ll briefly explain how to manage your account resources in anchor wallet.

This is the 3rd video in a series of tutorials catered towards Telos newcomers. We want to give you all the info needed to start exploring the telos ecosystem.


For those who rather read the transcript than watch the video:

Once you log in to your newly made telos web wallet account, this message pops up: ‘Your resources are too low. We recommend you buy more for 1 TLOS. Proceed’
What does it mean, and how can we fix this? Stay tuned!

Hi, welcome to a another tutorial video brought to you by DutchEOS  
A validator from the Netherlands
In this video I am going to show you how to purchase RAM and stake CPU and NET, with your TLOS 
After doing so, you won’t have to deal with this message anymore 
We are going to do this in the Anchor wallet desktop app
If you haven’t made a Telos web wallet account,
I recommend you to watch our video on how to create a Telos web wallet and install Anchor wallet
The link is in the description box below 

So now let’s go to the anchor wallet app, and get ourselves set up
Here we are at the interface
Let’s unlock the wallet 
Click unlock, go to resources…
If you clicked ‘approve’ when you first logged on to your telos wallet in the web interface, 
you don’t need to buy RAM at this point in time
This bar shows how much RAM is available
In my case, there is an exclamation point sign which tells me I’m low on RAM
On Telos, these resources are cheap
For a normal user, it is advisable to buy 0.5-1 TLOS worth of RAM
and stake 0.1-0.5 TLOS each to CPU and NET which is more than sufficient.
Now let’s go and buy some RAM
Click purchase
I’m gonna buy one $TLOS worth of RAM
Click confirm, here we go
Now filled up our bar
Ram is sellable at any given point in time
Now go to CPU
Let’s do .1, hit stake
Now we staked .1 $TLOS into CPU
Let’s go to NET
Stake .1 as well 
Hit stake, close

You are free to unstake your CPU and NET at any given point in time 
Now you are officially fueled up
and ready to access all features the Telos blockchain has to offer
If you want more in-depth information about RAM/CPU & NET
check the link in the description box below

What do you think of the Telos staking system? We’d love to read your comments
We’d love to read your comments 
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