Presenting EOS and Telos at ‘Vierde Vrijdag’

A good start to the weekend with some blockchain: Friday july 27 we introduced EOS and Telos concepts to a full room at ‘Vierde Vrijdag’.

EOS and Telos share many important innovations in blockchain technology, as Joost & Jan from DutchEOS explained in their talk. They also layed out what sets them apart: Telos is currently being developed and taking some early lessons from EOS experience.

The presentation sparked a debate about some of the recent EOS developments such as RAM buying and the presence of Exchanges as top-voted producers versus independent candidates.

Besides being an EOS Block Producer candidate, DutchEOS is a launch partner of Telos operating as ‘’.

Vierde Vrijdag is a monthly knowledge sharing initiative at Blockbar in The Hague (NL). DutchEOS presents at meetings like these as part of our community engagement program.

To learn more about Telos, visit



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