Our visit to Blockchain Expo 2021

On november the 23th the DutchEOS crew travelled to the Amsterdam RAI to attend the Blockchain EXPO at the TechEx event.

A couple of weeks ago we weren’t sure if this event could take place because of the corona restrictions across all sectors. Luckily for us and everyone attending, the Blockchain Expo got partially saved from the upcoming restrictions. Too bad the event had to close early though.

The conference was well visited for the trying times we live in, possibly because of the interesting speaker line up. We especially liked the following talks at TechEx:

First there was a presentation by Claus Skaaning, CEO of Digishares. Tokenization of real estate is their main focus. They basically offer high quality functionality for tokenization to enable investors to register and be verified, purchase tokens, and for the longer term management of the group of tokenized investors.

To provide some clarity on the subject:

Tokenization, as it pertains to real estate, is the process of creating a virtual token that would represent ownership of a type of real estate asset. This is similar to the recent digital asset craze, non-fungible tokens (NFT’s), except a real estate token would be tied to the value of a physical asset.

Largely Uncharted territory in the crypto space and we are interested to see blockchain tech revolutionize this particular sector.

Another project that caught our eye is called Concordium. The presentation was hosted by Michael Jackson, and yes, he actually moonwalked on stage. Just kidding, he shares the name, but he DID steal the show with a very compelling and humorous presentation. This project has some similarities to Telos except they are centering participation on establishing an individual identity through a number of identity providers.

Interesting times in cryptoland. The speed of evolution and growth of blockchain technology is increasing and it’s humbling that we are all part of it.

Two hours before closing, everyone gravitated towards the main bar to network some more but this time with some much needed refreshments. Throughout the day we’ve had stimulating conversation about Telos and ways to strengthen and grow the ecosystem and the recent EVM launch. The telosEVM has opened many doors making Telos accessible to mainstream users. We intend to hook into these developments as DutchEOS, and are very excited for Telos’ future!

We can’t wait for the next venue!


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