VoteNet: Explore EOS voting visually

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Introducing DutchEOS VoteNet

VoteNet allows you to make sense of EOS voting patterns in a completely new way. We organized the voting data into a network graph, relating block producers to the accounts voting for them. This gives you a powerful visual way to explore voting behavior.

Block producers and voting accounts are represented as yellow and blue circles (‘nodes’) in the graph. Whenever an account voted for a BP, a connection between them exists (an ‘edge’). The attraction between two nodes depends on the amount of EOS that was used to vote. This has the effect of roughly clustering accounts and producers that share voting patterns, by keeping them closer together in the net.

Gain insights

VoteNet presents many insights in a visual way, for example:

  • Discover who the largest voters are
  • Find out which producers are often voted for together

Try it yourself

VoteNet is interactive! Feel free to play around with the visualization; By clicking, dragging and holding you can inspect and manipulate the graph.

Some fun things to try out:

  • Click a producer to highlight the accounts that voted for it
  • Click an account to highlight the producers it voted for
  • Drag and hold any node to reorganize the graph and try to obtain different clusterings.

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Note that due to processing constraints we are currently only including a subset of accounts, specifically the ones that have the largest voting stakes. For now, we used a static snapshot taken on september 11 2018.

Watch our video about VoteNet!




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