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What is the Telos (TLOS) network?

Telos (TLOS) network based on EOSIO software

What is the Telos (TLOS) network?

Telos offers cutting-edge approaches to running a stable, cost-effective EOSIO network
for DApp deployment. Telos innovations may eventually be adopted by the EOS
• Telos is based on EOSIO code and will be compatible with EOS for DApp developers.
• Telos gives new TLOS tokens to all EOS owners included in the original EOS snapshot.
• TLOS tokens will be distributed 1:1 with EOS tokens, capped at 40,000 per address.
• Telos has a documented process for exchanges to petition for new tokens to be printed
for their customers (up to the cap amount) and list TLOS tokens.
• Telos has a developer focus. RAM will remain affordable. DApps will not be forced to be
open source.
• Telos will designate a RAM fund to ensure the first 1 million new addresses will be free
to create in order to aid rapid user adoption.
• Telos includes two powerful tools to help stabilize RAM against speculation.
• Telos enforces minimum requirements for all block producers.
• Telos standby block producers must regularly prove their readiness by rotating into
production 6 hours every 5 days. This helps ensure network resiliency. It also gives each
of the top 21 block producers 12 hours off per week for scheduled maintenance.
• Any block producer that fails to produce blocks in 30 minutes (180 blocks) is
automatically replaced with a standby BP for 6 hours.
• Telos will launch its mainnet with approved wallets, a valid Constitution, referendum
voting, worker proposal process, and an arbitration process and body in place.
• The Telos partners include: eosBarcelona – Spain, EOS Detroit – USA, EOSMetal –
Iceland, EOS the World – Puerto Rico, EOS UK – England, EOS Van – Canada, goodblock
(EOSAmericas) – USA, Infinitybloc – USA, (Dutch EOS) – Netherlands and Sukesh
Tedla – Sweden.
• The Telos testnet is currently live, with multiple block producer nodes. See it at

To learn more about Telos, visit

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