The value of independent Block Producers

DutchEOS é um produtor de bloco independente, free from vested interests. Let us explain why this is important to the EOS ecosystem.


First, which candidates are not independent then? Well, exchanges for example. Some of them entered the BP arena backed by the votes they obtained from client funds. Not always could these clients make an informed choice about who to vote for, or client were restricted in their choices, and in some cases they didn’t have any choice at all. Furthermore, for these exchanges the BP game is a secondary activity, meaning they cannot give it the attention it deserves.

Artificial popularity

EOS’ philosophy on voting is that as individual owners of tokens should be able to make their own voting decisions, which they need to reconfirm periodically to prevent decaying of their vote. This leads to a healthy ecosystem. Exchanges could sidestep this mechanism by having control over client funds, which inflated BPC popularity heavily. This created an unfair visibility advantage to the candidates blessed with these votes: It puts them firmly at the top of many lists. That’s particularly damaging to perceptions in these days where BP’s are just starting to establish their reputations.

Producing should be primary activity

For DutchEOS, being an outstanding Block Producer to the community and the ecosystem is our main concern, and we work to earn your vote instead of simply appropriating it.

We therefore urge you not to give your vote to exchange-run BP candidates, but to independent candidates. Of course we hope you consider DutchEOS when you’re in the voting booth!

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