We at DutchEOS are quite paranoid about security. That’s why we’ve been doing all our BP voting offline. Until now that is!

Online BP Voting has become ridiculously easy

To help grow the EOS community we set out to create a guide to Online Block Producer voting, and in the process we found out just how easy and painless online voting has become compared to only a few weeks ago. The voting process with the latest Scatter version has just three steps: adding the Scatter browser plugin, pairing it to a voting portal, and finally voting for your preferred producers.

Read the Online Voting Walkthrough >>

Before the mainnet launched, online voting tools for testnets were a pain to use. Offline voting was the sensible alternative. We’re glad to see this has changed!

Scatter browser add-on makes it possible

Translating difficult new concepts to usable software. Well done Scatter!

The key to seamless Online Voting is in the Scatter browser add-on. We found it to be very user-friendly, while offering as much control over your accounts as you can wish for. It’s use goes much further than just voting; it acts as a gatekeeper for any kind of authorized action you want to perform on the EOS network. It does not dream up those actions by itself, but rather it receives them from any website that you pair up with it. This creates an elegant and powerful seperation of responsibilities.

Scroll through the walkthrough to learn all the details:

Guide to online BP voting >>

Offline vs. Online Signing - CAUTION
Offline Signing of transactions is the gold standard to keep your private keys from prying eyes. But as a rule of thumb in crypto, Online Signing is a much easier process than its offline counterpart. We recommend to use it for funds you can afford to lose. While the current version of Scatter has been in heavy active use, its code did not have any thorough audits at the time of writing. If this is a showstopper for you, take a look at our offline voting video.


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