DutchEOS receives ‘Above & Beyondcompliance rating

As one of currently only 25 BP’s to be bestowed with the honor of ‘Above & Beyond Complianceby EOSWire, the DutchEOS team is very proud to announce this achievement today. Over the past months we’ve worked hard on getting compliance done right, and it feels great that these efforts are being recognized by the EOS community.

The dark side of the coin

In addition to happiness, we also have feelings of worry. It’s quite worrisome that at this point several of the top-30 most voted for Block Producers have not taken the time to meet some of the most basic compliance measures, let alone accomplish the excellence needed to make EOS a success. Compliance initiatives like the one from EOSWire are very necessary to keep all players in the EOS ecosystem on their toes: the community is watching!

DutchEOS needs your vote!

Compliance ratings

We share our ‘Above and Beyondcompliance status with these other EOS Block Producers:

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Most-voted-for Block Producers rated ‘Dor lower on compliance:

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All recipients of EOSWire’s ‘Above and Beyondcompliance rating, and a selection of Top-30-voted Producers

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