Easily vote for all the best block producers: introducing proxy voting

Centralization is hurting EOS

DutchEOS recently argued for securing a decentralized and prosperous EOS. Many people echoed this call, because they recognized the unhealthy division of resources caused by the top-heavy distribution of votes.

A Solution: the DutchEOS voting proxy

As the next step in this initiative we introduced the DutchEOS voting proxy: A proxy that recognizes quality block producers that have gone unnoticed by the voting public. The dutcheosprox account is filled with candidates that share our values for integrity, competence, independency and engagement. Candidates worthy of your vote. If you care about a strong EOS ecosystem, think about proxying your vote to dutcheosprox.

Why proxy your vote for Block Producers?

Voting through the DutchEOS proxy account has many benefits for voters like you:

  • Strengthen the ecosystem through BP diversity, increasing the value of your tokens
  • Spend less time on due diligence
  • Vote for a philosophy that makes sense
  • Skip keeping track of BP’s, since DutchEOS re-evaluates candidates regularly for you.
  • Even easier than regular BP voting

Criteria for inclusion

Please read our article on Block Producers endorsed by DutchEOS to find out when we consider a candidate good enough to receive our endorsement.

Here’s a live peek on who DutchEOS proxies your votes to.

How does proxy voting work?

Coinmonks wrote an excellent tutorial on proxy voting, take a look! You may direct your proxy vote to dutcheosprox.



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