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How to vote for EOS Block Producers

So you’re an EOS token holder, and you want to vote for Block Producers. We’ll show how to vote Online, which for most people should be the preferred method. It’s relatively easy and still offers basic security. If you’re the paranoid type, follow our Offline voting guide instead.

If you’re worried about the security of your funds, but don’t want to spend hours to find out how to vote this method is for you.

Online method, based on Scatter &

This method has three easy steps:

  • Add the Scatter browser extension; it manages your private key and presents Actions to you for verification.
  • Pair the website to Scatter
  • Vote on Block Producers with

Adding Scatter to your browser

Scatter is a browser extension designed to safeguard your EOS private key. Let’s get it.

Go to and follow the button to find the extension for your preferred browser. This guide assumes you use Chrome, which we recommend.

Verify that the you were sent to the correct address (we last verified this information on june 22)

‘Add to Chrome’ instructs your browser to add the Scatter extension.

‘Add Extension’  confirms installation

Find the Scatter extension icon in the top right corner of your browser. Choose a good password, then ‘Create New Scatter’.

Configuring your existing EOS account

In this step, we’ll set up Scatter to authorize Actions for your account.

Scatter holds and protects your private key. It prompts you for confirmation whenever a supporting website wants to sign an Action with it. The 3rd party website, such as, never gets to see your private key, but receives the signed Action instead.

‘Start Basic Setup’

Give a nice name to the keypair you are importing, enter the private key, and confirm with ‘import EOS Key Pair’. FYI: For token sale participants, the private key corresponds to the ‘active key’ you used during token registration.

Select your @active account as suggested by Scatter.

Go to, and click the ‘PAIR SCATTER’ button.

Click ‘Select Identity’, then ‘Accept’. EosPortal can now talk to Scatter, but still needs your permission to perform Actions.

Voting for your preferred Block Producers

With scatter installed and connected to, you are ready to do the actual voting. We’ll set your voting power, select your preferred BP’s, and confirm the vote Action.

Go to the ‘VOTING POWER’ tab to select how much of your EOS to use for voting. Then ‘Set Voting Power’. The chosen amount will be delegated (also called ‘staked’). We recommend you put the slider just below maximum, keeping about 1 or 2 EOS left as balance.  Good to know: If you want to transfer your EOS at a later moment, you can simply set your voting power to 0 to unstake.

Go to the ‘PRODUCERS’ tab. Search for up to 30 of your favorite Block Producers, and click ‘VOTE’ for each of them. Please do not vote blindly on the top 30, but find trusted sources to inspire your votes.

Here is where we humbly ask you to dedicate one of your votes to dutcheosxxxx. Read why we think we deserve it.

Scatter asks you for permission before executing the voting instructions. Check that the action is ‘voteproducer’, and that your desired producers are listed. Then ‘Accept’.

Congratulations, you have now voted! Thanks for using the DutchEOS guide and don’t forget to check our blog for more EOS-related goodness!

Keep in mind that after one week, your vote will slowly start to decay (lose its power). To keep your voice heard, come back to vote at least every month.



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