New tutorial: How to buy Telos through Binance

Buying TLOS on Binance, using Web Wallet and Anchor

Buying TLOS on Binance using the tradefortlos Smart Contract

Telos News: Hot off the presses, we just released our second video tutorial about Telos. Today’s topic: How to buy TLOS through Binance using the tradefortlos Smart Contract. We are showing Telos newcomers the steps to buy Telos and receive it in their Telos Web Wallet account (Don’t have one? see our earlier tutorial on making a free Telos account and a wallet).

In our video we’ll briefly explain the basic steps needed to own Telos bought through Binance.


For those who rather read the transcript than watch the video:

Hi there, I’m with DutchEos, a Telos Validator from the Netherlands. Today I’m going to show you how to buy Telos (TLOS) with Binance. You might have heard some good things about Telos, and want to start investing right away. Unfortunately Telos isn’t directly available on these exchanges. But we can buy TLOS with the use of EOS. Now i’m going to show you how. 

Let’s go to the first step. We need to open Binance and buy some EOS. Why do we need EOS? That’s because of a smart contract called ‘tradefortlos’. This smart contract automatically converts your EOS into TLOS. So let’s say if you want to invest $100 into Telos, you first need to buy $100 worth of EOS. If you want to know more about smart contracts, I’ll leave a link in the description box for you to read.

Now let’s head over to the Binance web interface. Here we are at the Binance interface; first we go to ‘withdraw’. Select ‘EOS’. Enter the address, which is going to be ‘tradefortlos’. Select ‘confirm’. Your network is going to be ‘EOS’. Your MEMO is going to be your personal web wallet address; In my case it’s welovetelos1. Select the amount of EOS you want to send, I’ll do 1.8. Select ‘Withdraw’, then ‘Continue’. And now we’re done!

Now let’s go to the Telos web interface to see if our EOS has been successfully converted into TLOS. Here we are back at the TLOS wallet. Click ‘connect wallet’ and select ‘anchor’. Select ‘launch anchor’ and open the Anchor wallet. There we go, check the identity like that, and now you can see that our EOS has been successfully converted into 8.85 TLOS. 

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This video will walk you through how to buy Telos ($TLOS) cryptocurrency with the help of Binance and the tradefortlos Smart Contract.

This is the 2nd video in a series of tutorials catered towards Telos newcomers. We want to give you all the info needed to start exploring the telos ecosystem.

WARNING: Be careful when using the method from this video for amounts above $1000, as the exchange rate may or may not be less advantageous than when using other, generally more difficult to use, means of exchange. For amounts above $10k we urge you to seek alternative methods of exchange.

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The Telos listing on Binance is not yet a fact, but with this workaround you can buy TLOS on Binance anyway.

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DISCLAIMER: We are not affiliated with Binance, the ‘tradefortlos’ contract or its creators, or the Telos Web Wallet. This video is for entertainment purposes only. It is not financial advice and is not an endorsement of any provider, product or service. All trading and investing involves risk. We accept no liability for following the methods outlined in this video. As with all things crypto, we urge you to take great care in your actions and only trade with what you can stand to lose.



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