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EOS – NL Stance on Dividends & Roadmap

As June and the EOS mainnet launch draw near, more details about how things will work are coming out. Read this article by Dan Larimer about the launch of EOSIO Dawn 4.0 for the latest.

Because of this, the BlockProducer Candidates are asked to, and can, be more specific about their stance on certain subjects. One of those subjects is the stance on dividends. Facilitating the community in making an educated and well-informed decision on who to vote for, EOSGO has built the website. Do take a look.
They also create the BlockProducer Candidate report and have recently added two more required checkmarks. In this post we’ll give our opinion and stance on these.

EOS – NL Mission Development and stance on dividends

When we decided that we wanted to become a BlockProducer this was based on the belief that EOSIO will positively change the future and impact the world around us by making blockchain technology usable, affordable and efficient.
Having knowledge of (changing) economics in a business world and experience with building communities we set out and quickly found additional teammembers with broad experience in blockchain technology (since 2011), server infrastructure, security and an EOS-mindset. The key ingredients are there.

Moving on over the past months we’ve learned a lot from a vibrant community and by discussing the different factors that influence EOS and being a BlockProducer. One of the hot items that is discussed and touches on multiple of these factors is vote buying in any shape or form.
Seriously frowned upon by, it’s forbidden to do any kind of vote buying. Internally, we’ve discussed this and have been fairly critical about this idealistic goal as it seems there are many different ways to reward your voters that cannot be tracked directly. However, we do agree that it’s the right thing to do and therefor will not participate in any kind of vote buying. One of our core values is integrity – this is who we are, what we offer, and ultimately what you vote for.

Another hot topic is the rewards for BP’s. See this and this thread on reddit.  Just a few of the many examples. This is where we see a role for the inflation-bid. Whilst offering the best in server quality and maintenance we intend to further be as lean and mean as possible. This means that, after being up and running for a while, we can calculate the lowest possible inflation bid. Because the actual inflation will be based on a median we stimulate other BP’s, who logically had higher bids, to make efficient choices. Naturally, we’ll have a surplus because we’ll have lower costs than others. As some other BP’s have suggested to organize EOS-summits/conferences we think it’s logical that we contribute all of our surplus to other BP’s events. Therefor: voting for EOS – NL means you vote for BP’s that are forced to make the best choices and the community worldwide as we will sponsor events with our surplus (based on community voting). Of course, we will provide full financial transparency. Our books will be professionally audited and these audits will be published online.

So, our mission has changed a bit to; “EOS – NL’s mission is to serve EOS communities and ecosystems by producing blocks reliably, efficiently, and with the highest standard of integrity”.


As there has been a lot of changes recently, and more are expected to come, we provide a roadmap that encompasses our most fundamental milestones. Always staying flexible and thinking in the benefit of the community, events might be added or removed:

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