Bitfinex favoring large BP’s in push to activate EOS Mainnet

Yesterday Bitfinex, one of the biggest EOS holders, released their Ballot System. This enables Bitfinex users to vote with their exchange-held tokens. Initial plans were for Bitfinex to enable BP voting on their platform only after the 15% threshold had been reached and the network deemed active. However, to let their users participate in the activation of the EOS mainnet, Bitfinex allows their users to vote whether Bitfinex should temporarily stake EOS balances to contribute to the activation.

At this moment Bitfinex receives over 2% of the votes (on the EOS mainnet network).

Bitfinex indicated to vote equally for the top 30 block producers candidates at the time the ‘yes’ vote wins. This will give these already popular BP’s an artifical boost, making it seem that the smaller candidates are further behind in the popularity contest than they actually are. Although this is a temporary situation according to Bitfinex, it is unclear how unwitting voters will be influenced by the inflated statistics.

After the proposed chain activates, Bitfinex aims to launch a bespoke voting tool for their customers.

Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS), is a complication of disproportionate blood supply, preventing healthy development of both fetuses. The parallels to Bitfinex’ behavior are striking [original image by Kevin Dufendach]

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